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Pine finish outhouse gym area with sauna and steam rooms bifold doors and windows HA5 area


This awesome looking pine finsihed outhouse and gym area also has a side room with sauna and steam functions, doorwins manufactured, supplied and installed Anthrecite grey bifold doors and 2 bottom hung windows fpor sauna and steam rooms. The property is situated in Harrow, Pinner area which is close to Ealing and west London.


Pinner and Harrow is an area that doorwins supplies on a regular basis and are the driving directions from pinner to doorwins


  • 45 mm. » Opening possibilities. Interior.
  • 1 to 14 sashes. Exterior.
  • 1 to 14 sashes.
  • Possibility of corner sash at 90º without mullion. » Sections.
  • Frame – 73 mm / Sash – 73 mm. » Profile thickness.
  • Door 1,8 mm. » Polyamide strip length.
  • Frame 20 mm / Sash30 mm. » Maximum dimensions/sash.
  • Width (L) = 1.200 mm. Height (H) = 3.000 mm.

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