Frequently Asked Questions about Aluminium doors and windows


Are aluminium windows better than timber?

In terms of price they are very similar and its really down to your personal choice of style and finish, but Aluminium windows are maintenance free whereas timber framed will require much treatment and care in the long run.


Are aluminium windows better than upvc?

Upvc windows are much cheaper than Aluminium windows due to the material being a metal. That said, Aluminium will be much more cost effective than pvc because it is less likely to degrade over a long period of time.


Are aluminium windows safe?

They are the safest material in the industry, will not burn as bad as wood, timber or upvc. When it comes to home security, both timber and pvc can be breached much easier than aluminium. When these frames burn they do not let off as much toxic chemicals as upvc either.


Are aluminium windows fire rated?

They are not fire rated because Aluminium has a melting point and not burning point so therefore will melt instead of flame up in fire.


Are aluminium windows soundproof?

This depends on the thickness of glass installed and frame applied, always ask the fabricator before purchasing, if you are after the sound proof quality Aluminium doors and windows.


How do i repaint aluminium windows?

Clean the Aluminium Window Frame, remove any Stains, apply a coat of metal primer to whole of the aluminium window or door and paint away but Ensure the paint used is suitable for aluminium, make sure to consult a specialist at


how much aluminium windows cost?

The average cost for 4 aluminium glazed windows is between £2,250 and £2,950.


Where to buy aluminium windows?

There are many manufacturers across the whole of the UK but we would be very silly to not say ‘’call us at Doorwins and we can certainly help you choose the correct windows and doors for your project.


Can aluminium window frames rust?

Aluminium material does not rust like other metals, however they do corrode. When they do corrode its not a brown substance but a white powdery coat that starts to appear, easily removable and treatable.


How to replace aluminium windows?

The removal and replacement of the windows and doors should always be done by a specialist, but some builders are known to do this as well and fit the windows or doors themselves. Always keep in mind the procedure of taking out the old units without damaging the frame or brickwork and any sort of sill that may sit below the windows. You can obtain specials tools for this job.


How to clean aluminium windows?

Using a garden hose spray the door or windows with clean water and scrub the frame once wet using a special aluminium cleaner or detergent. Wipe down the frames from top to bottom making sure they are dry. You can also use aluminium shine spray after this.


Are timber or Aluminium Windows cheaper?

Timber is always more expensive due to the process of gaining it, such as tree cutting, filing and other techniques required to obtain and mould the wood into shape.


What are the benefits of Aluminium Windows?

Low maintenance and durability are the two main factors that helps aluminium stand out from other materials. Low maintenance due to corrosion resistance of aluminium doors and windows from harsh weather conditions makes them very beneficial and they will not crack, swell warp or split like timber and upvc.


what are aluminium doors?

Long guarantees and warrantee periods are very attractive, were as upvc windows and doors are normally 10 years warranted, Aluminium doors or windows are 25 years of guarantee and warranty periods. Nearly double in security with the multi locking systems and thickness available.


What different types of Aluminium doors are available?

Aluminium Slide & Fold Doors, bifold doors, sliding pane glass doors, casement doors, aluminium front doors, back doors and aluminium lift and slide doors as well as corner less bifold doors are to name a few. Not forgetting office doors, commercial doors and security doors for flats and apartments.


how to clean aluminium doors?

Use a garden hose to douse your double glazing doors & windows frames with water and then Scrub the frames with a special aluminium cleaner, Wipe down the frames from top to bottom and finally Rinse with clean water and then dry.


how to paint aluminium doors?

The best way to repaint or newly paint these alu doors are exterior-grade spray-paint with a brush stroke evenly. We have found that to give the best finished results but that doesn’t mean that you cant use normal paint, aluminium is a tough old thing and any paint will stick just fine.


how much are aluminium doors?

A width of 750   and Hight of 1925 can put you back approx. £1,425.29 so really maters on the size, width, brand of doors or windows you want to invest in, how many locks you may need and thickness of frame with types of glass. If it’s a family home, you will always pay more for extra security and landlords that rent normally buy standard issues.


Are Aluminium doors more expensive than uPVC?

Yes, aluminium doors are a lot more expensive than pvc due to the metal material and security factors, usually up to 4 times more expensive.


What types of glass is available for aluminium doors and windows?

Float Glass, Safety Laminated Glass, Obscured Glass, Annealed Glass, Tinted Glass, Tempered Glass, Insulated Glass, Mirrored Glass, Wired Glass, Heat Strengthened Glass are the most common but bespoke design is also available at doorwins.


Are aluminium windows and doors safe?

Due to durable nature these aluminium windows and doors are very very safe and more so than timber which can be vulnerable to forced entry when they degrade over the years. Always buy the better lock systems if given the option to do so.


What styles of Bifold doors are available?

Thin, ultra slim and thick are the first things that come to mind with bifold doors and then the number of panes (glass units) such as a 3 pane bifold door or 4 panes of glass were 1 pane accounts for a single folded unit of the bifold. Again, it comes to size and you can always find the correct size at


What are corner bifold doors?

Corner less bifold doors are the newest most pretty things on the market today. Without a full corner of a wall or conservatory the bifold doors once met in the middle make up the corner of that room or extension.

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