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Happy UPVC Customers In 2024
Happy Aluminium Customers In 2024


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Why Aluminium Over UPVC?

When it comes to picking the features, and ad dons for your home, you want something that captures the characteristics of the home; something that represents the vibe you’re trying to put across and that can be difficult if you don’t know all the choices that are out there for you, or what is best for the home that you’re trying to build.

Aluminium is taking homes by storm lately, with more and more people coming to understand the benefits behind the different frames available to them, and with good reason.  While it is a more expensive option, there are many things possible with aluminium frames. There is a neatness aspect, a slim-lined appearance and a fancier look which can make or break the appearance of a building and affect how people see it.

For a long time, UPVC was the leading in the market when it came to doors and windows; it was safe, strong, and was rigid enough to pass security specifications when it comes to exteriors. Now, it’s losing ground and is slowly being replaced by aluminium.  While there are myths that UPVC was the better choice due to it being the ‘standardised’ material used, but all windows and doors and all manufacturers of such, are subject to the same security checks and pass with flying colours.

People tend to be put off by the price, initially, but when they realise that it’s a much more cost effective option in the long run, that soon changes. Aluminium, if treated right, can last you a lifetime, while UPVC will eventually become victim to time and the elements and need replacing much more often. Aluminium won’t let you down when it comes to different climates, and is very adaptable. You can fit it to your purpose, customise it however you wish, and know that it’ll last you a good few decades without having to worry about forking out the money to replace it again in a hurry.

The Reasons

  • Security

When it comes to picking the exteriors of your home, you want something that you know is going to keep you safe as well as look good. Appearance is only half of the battle. Aluminium is a stronger frame, made from a tougher compound which allows for more security and safety.

UPVC has a tendency of corroding and becoming damaged over time, whereas aluminium is known to last decades as long as you treat it right and don’t put it under any unrequired stress. This keeps it staying firm and strong against time.

  • Neater

With the fact that aluminium is stronger, it means that it doesn’t require quite as much frame in order to support the glass within, unlike UPVC. This is why aluminium frames tend to be much thinner, and cleaner, than other frames. There doesn’t need to be quite so much of it as was required in the past. When UPVC is used, the frames need to be thicker in order to support the weight of the glass, this is because UPVC isn’t as strong as aluminium doors or window frames. The thicker your glass, the more frame you’ll need, and the less natural light you’ll get into the building thanks to it being blocked out.

  • Customisation

While UPVC has some colour options available to it, it’s not as vast as aluminium. Aluminium can be sprayed to match different RAL colours, and you have the option to have both sides of the frame a different colour.  You can also choose the types of  panels that you get and still have the overall appearance looking neat and tidy. There are many panel options, depending on the type of door or window that you decide to purchase ranging from one panel, to six, or whatever else your heart desires when it comes to designing the appearance of your home.

It’s also easier to adapt aluminium frames to whatever customisation wanted or needed for a style. Buildings change style, too, as do their windows and aluminium is already on the way to being adaptable, and with it’s added strength, can handle the changes in structure and shape well enough.

  • Efficient

While both UPVC and aluminium boast excellent properties when it comes to keeping out the elements, aluminium has a clear advantage - it doesn’t rust away, it doesn’t corrode. UPVC does. Once it starts corroding, its proficiency in keeping the cold, wind and water out is continuously reducing. Aluminium frames don’t have this problem thanks to the tough compound it is produced from, the lack of decay reduces how worn it becomes.

Aluminium can help you save money in the long run by retaining heat, keeping out the cold and battling to keep the elements from entering your home. It means less need to turn up the heating, and less chill getting through the gaps.

  • Strength

The strength of aluminium is another benefit, it means more glass, less frame. This also allows for nicer looking designs and panels. An aluminium frame can easily hold multiple frames of glass, in different panels, without any strain. It’s also tough against the rain, without rusting or corroding. It’s strong enough that it doesn’t bend or break easily, too, compared to UPVC which can get mouldy, and ruined easier.

Buy Wisely

For people who have claimed to have problems with aluminium in the past, it can largely be contributed to the fact that it was produced or fitted incorrectly. You want to ensure you’re using a reputable company that put pride into their work, rather than just being in it for the end result -- payment. Find a company that has proven results, and happy customers who are happy to back them and their work up and you’ll be much happier with the end product than if you picked the first company you come across. This is something designed to last you a long time, and is an investment into your home - make sure that you put the time into finding someone that will do it justice.

Betty Smith - Co CEO & Marketing Manager

Betty loves to research the latest News and Newest styles being Manufactured in the double glazing world. She is up to date on the latest solutions and trade secrets in the Glazing Industry.


For more clarifications, you can contact us. Our expert team is ready to help you with any doubts.

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