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Happy Aluminium Customers In 2024


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Double Glazing Quote Online

Doorwins specialise in aluminium doors & Aluminium windows and also now have a respected service of upvc double glazing throughout the southeast of England. Double glazing manufacturers and window suppliers to most of greater London including london west, london east, london north and london south.


Though they may seem overlooked and underestimated, doors and windows serve as a crucial part of a house’s foundation. Not only do they play a big part in the functionality of a home, but they also keep the house secure. Manufacturing double glazing for over 15 years and specializing in double doors french , fold doors , doors that slide , hung casement windows , folding window  and conservatory suppliers too.

To further ensure security, you should always opt for doors and windows made of the best quality materials from a trustworthy company like Doorwins.

This article will be able to cover what Doorwins is, their online quotes, price expectations, qualifications, available windows and doors.


Double Glazed windows and doors online

Windows and doors double glazed online quotes are given on a daily basis by the Doorwins Group and to get your glazing online quote just fill out our ''quick quote'' and we work hard to delivering a same day quotation for your project.

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We are specialist in same day quotes online if you fill in the form at the top of this page, just let us know what style, color and material you require and we can provide a quote.

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Online casement windows quotes, French windows online, Sliding sash Windows online quotes or Tilt n Turn quotes online can be achieved by filling the form above and we will generate a calculated price.

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We can help generate an online patio doors quote for you or any other stylee from bifold doors online , sliding doors online , online front doors , online aluminium door quotes.

Trade windows and doors online Quotes:

Maybe you need Trade upvc windows online or trade aluminium trade doors online, to doorwins its all the same and generating quotations for trade aluminium windows online or online trade upvc doors the very same day is highly achievable depending on size of project. Trade windows and doors are available at a larger project or return traders.

About Doorwins double glazing online

Doorwins is a London based company that has combined a team of company leaders in the double glazing industry. They specialize in using aluminium doors / windows for residential buildings. Windows and doors for commercial buildings, on the other hand, are made from metal.

Although they have been working online with windows and doors for several years, they strive to constantly improve their work by staying up to date on anything related to aluminium glazing. Not only will you be able to go for them for consultation, but for quality services too. we also supply all parts of london in upvc.

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aluminum and upvc windows online quote

The company is one of the few that offers transparency with their customers. Because they understand how tight budgets can be, they have provided customers a double glazing quote online calculator that can estimate potential costs.

Not only will the quick calculator be able to give you a projected evaluation of expenses, but you’ll be able to make decisions to customize your doors or windows right then and there. You can also choose to include details you would want the company to know, which provides convenience for both parties.

Doorwins makes the process of ordering windows online and trading windows online easier, as all the customer has to worry about is what to expect from the company. You can leave the technical issues up to the team.

(Note: The process is the same whether you choose to contact them through email or phone.)

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Price Expectations - Thinking to buy windows and doors online ?

To give you a better idea of how double glazing online companies price their products, here is a list of things of factors that determine how much should be charged.

  • Window / Door Size

Usually the size of the window or door doesn’t affect installation rates. However, it does affect the cost of materials. Doors and windows come in similar sizes. The average door measures 2.5 feet in width. On the other hand, most window sizes come in 3 x 4 feet to 6 x 6 feet. Receiving replacements for uncommon sized windows and doors could result in higher prices.

  • Replacements

Window replacements are less complicated to perform than a regular installation. Installations require wall or trim repair, whereas replacement windows are made to fit in their designated locations.

  • Type of Window

Doorwins currently offers 12 types of windows for their customers to choose from.

  • Casement Windows
  • Sash Windows
  • Single Hung
  • Double Hung Sash Windows
  • Edwardian
  • Georgian
  • Tilt and Turn
  • Hung
  • Curve Shaped
  • Panoramic
  • Roof Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Bifold windows

If you are interested in knowing more about these products listed under Doorwin’s online quotes for windows, it will later be discussed later in the article.

  • Frame

Depending on your style preference, you’ll be able to choose between thick, medium, and thin frames.

  • Lead Time

Customers are given the freedom to designate when the process should be completed. The shorter the time, the more pricier it may cost.

You can choose from a duration of 2 weeks to longer than 6 weeks.

Online Calculations

Not everyone has time to get in contact with the local door and window company. Fortunately, filling up this double glazing online quote takes five minutes or less. It will ask you questions regarding your specifications for a future project, while displaying only the options that they are able to perform.

Some people feel intimidated by this process since they feel that they are signing a contract with the company. However, you can be ensured that you won’t have any obligations to go through with the projects. This is just to give the company an idea in case you decide to go through with their services and settle on their charges.

Doorwins will then take note of your project’s requirements, then assign them to the team nearest you. Because the company is an assemblage of first-rate services in London, they will be able to gather a team of expert fitters, a nearby fabricator, and a specialist to be in charge.

(Note: To maintain their reputable status, Doorwins makes sure their hired fitters possess at least a Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Fenestration Installation.)

Customers can find peace knowing that all companies under Doorwins are fully accredited by CERTASS (for supplying) and FENSA (for fitting), which are two of the biggest self certifications you can get in the double glazing industry. These certifications protect customers by providing warranties for aluminium (20 years), PVC (10 years), and conservatories (10 years).

Advantages of Online Double Glazing

It's choosing double glazing and Both windows and doors can have double glazing. Double glazing is described as having two layers of glass with a layer of gas sandwiched in between. Listed below are reasons why you should check out double glazing quotes online.

  • Energy Efficient

By having two glass panels, you are able to have better insulation. This results to having lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

  • Noise Reduction

With double glazed glass, you will be able to reduce noise from coming inside. This is great for households that live near noisy areas like in busy neighborhoods or near an airport. Likewise, you can enjoy private conversations and blasting loud music without having to bother others.

  • Security

Double glazed glass is harder to break in comparison to the traditional glass window. They also secure your house from unwanted visitors since double glazed windows / doors are harder to open from the outside.

  • Protected Interior

One of the leading causes to damaged furnishings is by direct sunlight. Sometimes, the sun can be so strong that it causes carpets, furniture, and artwork to fade. Fortunately, double glazed glass weakens the strength of harsh UV rays. You can add a UV protective film on top of the window to increase protection.

  • Easy to Clean

Lastly, you won’t have to worry too much about maintenance. Double glazed glass can easily be cleaned with warm, soapy water. Although they are expected to last for a long time, you can maximize the glass’ lifespan by cleaning your windows every once in a while.

Advantages of online UPVC windows and doors

UPVC (or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) is a type of PVC material that is commonly used for window frames and pipework. If you are thinking about using UPVC windows online price calculator, you should first be informed about some of its benefits.

  • Affordable

Because UPVC is made of rigid plastic, you can expect it to be lower priced than other materials.


  • Durable

UPVC is made to withstand any weather condition. It is one of the only materials that is incapable of developing mold, rust, or other forms of chemical erosion.

The material is made to endure London’s unpredictable weather conditions so that it won’t warp, peel, or fade throughout the years.

  • Easy Maintenance

UPVC frames do not require much maintenance. You won’t have to worry about purchasing specific cleaners to keep them looking new. When it comes to cleaning, all you have to worry about is dirt and dust. Both of which can be easily eliminated with warm, soapy water.

  • Long Lasting

Unlike most window materials, UPVC frames have an average lifespan of 25 years. Within their lifespan, they are capable of maintaining their original color.

  • Saves Money and Electricity

UPVC makes a big contribution when it comes to a home’s insulation. They don’t conduct heat, which lessens high amounts of humidity from entering indoors.

Because of this, you’ll be able to avoid using energy consuming appliances (like air conditioners) to keep cool inside your home.

Advantages to online Aluminium glazing

Aluminium, in general, is a versatile metal. It can be used different ways and has many benefits. Here are some reasons why aluminium can also be used in a house’s foundation.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Aluminum is a metal material that can easily be recycled. In fact, it is one of the top metals that are recycled every year. It is so sustainable that it takes only 5 percent of initial energy to recycle.

  • Cost Effective

In comparison to UPVC frames, aluminium windows tend to cost more. This is because it takes a longer time to manufacture. Additionally, aluminium has double the life span of a UPVC frame (up to 45 years.)


  • Sleek Appearance

Some home owners choose not to place so much attention on their windows and doors to play into a minimalistic trend. aluminium framing is much slimmer than UPVC, which is why more daylight is able to seep through.

A majority of modern homes use aluminium windows for its simplicity, so that other aspects of their interior design can stand out even more.

  • Great at Imitation

Window frames that are made of timber are susceptible to termites, rotting, and countless inconveniences. aluminium window frames can mimic the appearance of a wooden frame without having to deal with its high maintenance.

aluminium frames are offered in almost any color, which you can match with different finishes.

Brief Prices of Aluminium & UPVC online

Nonetheless, aluminium and UPVC are both top quality materials to use in your home’s doors and windows. Before you submit your online window quote, here is a brief comparison of the two materials.

How much is new Double Glazing ?

Aluminium UPVC
l  Made of metal

l  Life Expectancy: 45 years

l  Average Cost: £550 - £1,000

l  Thin, minimalist frame

l  More daylight

l Made of plastic

l Life Expectancy: 25 years

l Average Cost: £250 - £900

l Thick and bold frame

l Less daylight


Regardless of what you choose, both will provide the same standard of security which is the most important factor. Doorwins is able to order windows online with both materials, so you can opt to receive a quote for both and decide from there.

how do you know when it's time to replace windows Online

Signs to Change Your Door

Just like with most features of a home, there comes a time where you have to let the door retire. When you experience any of the following signs, you can continue moving forward by buying doors online with Doorwins.

  • Lacks Security

With the increase of crimes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Outdated doors can easily be broken into by burglars, especially if they are equipped with a simple lock.

Although it may seem unlikely for a threat to approach your home, you should always prioritize security with the people you share your home with.

  • Physical Damages

Considering that the front door is used every day, damages are inevitable. Other than damages caused by wear and tear, doors can also be damaged by insects. Wooden doors are prone to termite attacks and should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent from becoming a possible liability.

  • Outdated

Home owners always seek to improve their home in one way or another. Doors subtly set an expectation of what’s behind them, which makes it reasonable to match a well decorated room with a modern door.


Signs to Change Your Window

Once your windows have reached the end of their life span, you can consider buying windows online. When you start to observe the following indicators, you can resort to Doorwin’s collection of upvc windows online supply only.

  • Cold Air

The best part of being indoors is knowing you can comfortably protect yourself from harsh weather conditions. Part of a window’s purpose is to prevent cold drafts from seeping through, especially when they aren’t open. If you feel unwanted cold air through your windows, there may be a problem with its sealing.

  • Interior Damage

A majority of older homes have single paned windows, which have a single layer of glass as protection. Double glazed windows, on the other hand, are able to protect the indoors from strong UV rays sourced by the sun.

When you start to notice fading in your furniture and carpet, you should think about upgrading your windows to double glazing. Doing so prevents your home from lowering in property value.

  • Hard to Open and Close

As windows age, you may notice that they become harder to open and close. This is usually because of the build up of dirt, dust, and debris. Though this is a common problem, you can simply clean out the window’s roller system and track.

If you still experience difficulty after cleaning the windows, you should immediately trade your windows online for security purposes.

  • Physical Damage

Broken windows aren’t satisfying to see. Though minor scuffs and scratches can easily be disregarded, obvious damages to your windows can lower the price of your home.

Contact Doorwins to buy windows online if you observe any signs of serious cracks, condensation, or mold.



Doorwins Online Products

Now that you are familiar with what Doorwins is capable of and what double glazed units online, you may be curious as to what products they are able to provide. All products are either made from UPVC or aluminium.

Available Doors and Their Benefits

Doorwins showcases different styles of doors online, which can suit any home.

  • Front and Back Doors

Front doors attribute to the physical attraction of a home. A good looking front door attracts buyers and admiration, while keeping out potential burglars. Back doors can emphasize the beauty of a backyard.

Regardless of a door’s design, the front and back door are expected to have the best security. Doorwins guarantees that each door meets security standards, no matter the price.


Doorwin’s List of UPVC Front and Back Doors Online:
  • Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a simple addition to any office or room. Since a majority of the door is made of glass, they allow you to subtly show off the view.

The company offers a range of door designs from two panels to ten panels, that will let in natural sunlight. Everyone is capable of knowing how to operate these doors, which makes it easier for future party guests and visitors.

  • Bifolding Doors

Contrast to different styles of doors, bifold doors bear a simple, yet contemporary feel for any home. The window is 90 percent glass, which is then framed by aluminium material.

As a popular product among their customers, Doorwins considers bifolding doors a trademark of their company. They are one of the few double glazing companies to offer this accordion inspired sliding door.

  • Commercial Doors

Other double glazed companies lie to their customers about being unable to replace commercial doors. This is probably because they are untrained or even lazy to perform the process.

You can be assured that Doorwins won’t turn down the offer, no matter how complex it may be.


Available Windows and Their Benefits

Doorwins lets their customers to choose from a wide variation of aluminium windows online, which are also displayed on their website along with UPVC windows supply online only.

  • Casement Windows

As they are usually attached to the side by a hinge, casement windows generally open outward. These old fashioned windows are often used in kitchens.

To operate these type of windows, you have to crank a handle. They can open up to a 90 degree angle.

  • Single Hung Sash Windows

The sash window is composed of two panels. One window panel is usually fixed, whereas the other moves vertically to open or close. They are great for compact spaces since they are able to improve the airflow.

  • Double Hung Sash Windows

Similarly with the single hung window, double hung windows allow both panels to move vertically. Some models even let the panels tilt in and out for versatility.

  • Edwardian Sash Windows

An Edwardian window is a type of sash window. It is commonly recognized for having six panes on the top panel and 2 panes on the bottom half.

The window’s design was inspired by luxurious Edwardian buildings.

  • Georgian Sash Windows

Characterized by numerous glass panes, Georgian windows give the home a more rustic feel. These type of sash windows were made around the Georgian Period where it was expensive to produce glass windows. This explains why the window frame is thicker than most window designs.

The Georgian window is recognized by having 6 lights per panel. It is one of the oldest types of windows to date.

  • Tilt and Turn

If you are looking for better ventilation and modern design for your home, you can consider getting tilt and turn windows. Using a tilt and turn window is similar to using a door. These windows are operated by simply tilting the handle to open and turning the handle to close.

  • Curve Shaped

Curve shaped windows commonly placed in an art deco themed house or office. The windows are placed in the corner of a building, so that you will be able to enjoy the view with less wall interference.

  • Panoramic

Panoramic windows were made to feel like you were outdoors, as they are usually the size of a room’s wall. With these windows, you’ll receive maximum coverage of natural light. You’ll be able to enjoy its benefits such as reducing stress, providing vitamin D, and being able to save on electricity bills.

These windows are usually placed in modern homes, commonly facing the backyard.

  • Roof Windows

Described as an outward opening window that is generally included into the design of the roof. It is similar with sky lights, except for the fact that roof windows can be opened to let in fresh air.

Although roof windows are meant to already be included in a house’s original design, they can still be added to the building. As long as the slope of the roof and framework allow it, Doorwins will be able to install this kind of window.


Online Door and Window Customization

Buying UPVC doors and windows online can be a hassle as some websites don’t display the available colors. On the other hand, Doorwins conveniently provides samples on their website, which are made available with upvc windows online quote.

If you’re looking for a more diverse color variety, here are the color options for aluminum windows.

Online Quote Conclusion

Doorwins’ website provides a collection of nothing but the best online windows and doors. Begin your path to a better home by submitting an online quote to Doorwins, without having to worry about making obligations.

The company has recruited various double glazing experts in different parts of London for your convenience. They have also provided their options on their website to assist with filling up the online form.

For further inquiries, their main office is located at Office 3, 186 Greenford Avenue Hanwell , London , W7 3QT. However, you can also contact them through phone at +44 20 8629 1171 or through email at [email protected].

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