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Aluminium sliding systems can mean a whole host of things, but one of the things that they’re always associated with is sliding doors. Sliding doors always seem to have an air of elegance; the large expanse of glass, and the neat trim holding it all in place.  Yet, even with their graceful appearance, they’re usually always sealed with bulky thick UPVC which takes away a little bit of the joy. Sliding doors allow for views to be seen, and you don’t want them tarnished in any way.

Slimline aluminium Sliding Doors

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Not only do they look classy and allow for you to see views, through, sliding doors are a wonderful way to let more natural light into a room and you don’t want that hindered by the frame of the door. You want something that will help you light up a room and give it the natural touch you’re looking for.

Sliding doors are taking over the standard that was once held by French doors; they’re neater, take up less room and there’s something satisfying about being able to gently slide the piece of glass into the secondary frame and let fresh air hit you. With the natural light that is let in, it's a much more relaxing atmosphere than feeling closed in and unable to see the nature outside. It’s also nice not to have your view taken up by bulky frame more so than the sights that you want to see.

Why Choose Aluminium Sliding Doors?

When you pick which door should adorn your patio - or anywhere, thanks to the multi-purpose qualities of a sliding door - you want something that is going to look good, for a long time. You don’t want something that will wear away over time, or corrode. Aluminium is, for obvious reasons, a much stronger compound than UPVC is and it definitely shows in the design and producing of the frames. It gives you a product that you can trust not to break on you, or be easily penetrated.

Not only is it stronger, though, you get a much better appearance from the thin frames. The additional strength of aluminium allows for more glass to be placed, which gives a better overall look. It allows for full views, better lighting and a sleek feeling. It helps it look less clanky and busy, and that’s something a lot of homeowners appreciate - a clean, neat finish to go with the style of their home.

Sliding doors allow for opening into an area that might not allow for an outward, or even an inward, swinging door. It allows more light and air into areas and can even help make them look bigger and cleaner. They're a great way to open up a room and give it its full potential.

They’re still just as secure as any other door you’d expect to be fitted in your home, even with the extra glass they can hold, and you can pick from multiple types of glazing - double, and triple, for example - in order to really boost the security level you’re providing to the house. You don’t have to worry that you’re compromising your family’s security by going with aluminium and you get a finish that you’re proud of at the same time.


Aluminium sliding doors are not just for outdoor areas now, they’re being used for a multitude of things and there seems to be no end to what they can do while still looking good. They're a good choice for many reasons, and for many different purposes and can be made to fit wherever you need them to in your home. There’s many different options out there, and ideas on what you can do with them without hindering the design of your home or the look that you’re going for.

A common use is of course being used as back door exits, or as entry ways onto decks and patios; it gives a wonderful view of the outside, lets a lot of natural light in, and they’re easy to leave open all day without worrying about a gust of wind slamming them closed and damaging the frame. They just slot right into place and don’t tend to move again without human intervention. They’re perfect for all weather, doing a good job of keeping out the outside when they’re closed.

They’re also commonly used for room dividers; placed between rooms to split them up but not restrict the light flow through the space. These are a little bit different to the ones that are used for patios and back exits, as room divider units tend to allow for all panels to slide. The panels can range from one panel through to six panels depending on the size that they’re dividing. Each of the panels will slide to open into the other side of the room, providing easy access. These are also good if you want space you can see into without being in the room. While they're for indoor use, there is nothing to stop it from being double glazed to keep it extra strong, and reduce if being damaged.


No matter how many panels you pick, whether it’s one panel, three panels, or six panels, you can guarantee it will look sleek and professional as long as you pick a reputable company to do it for you. They’ll produce the product and fit it to your specifications and ensure that it looks exactly like what you were planning when you thought it up. You don’t need to worry about a thing when you’ve got a company doing the work for you, just as long as you’re happy at the end of it.

Sliding doors, with their large glass panes, can really help open a space up and make it look much more homely and inviting thanks to the light it lets in, and how transparent it is. You stop looking closed off and secretive and much more welcoming. They’re a good way to keep the noise down but still be able to see what’s happening outside, especially in yards, or even in dual rooms when you want a little peace and quiet but don’t want to miss what’s happening or feel shut off from the rest of the home.


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