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Popular Upvc Windows & Doors by Doorwins

New Double Glazed UPVC Windows and Doors at Doorwins

looking for new windows & doors in london? our upvc windows & doors department are one of the topmost reliable manufacturing and supply teams in London UK. The PVC Doors and Windows that ''Doorwins Group'' (we are 5 companies) are of the highest quality and meet all plastic requirements in the UK.  The latest designs in Double Glazed Windows & upvc double glazed doors can be manufactured and supplied to your needs at Doorwins. A single UPVC Double Glazed Window has a warranty of 10 years with us and pvc double glazed doors come up to 15 years (depending on the brand). Choose your doors and windows options using the online calculator or speak directly to our Double Glazed Doors & Windows in department London over the phone. Buying New pvc doors and windows London has never been so easy.

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Doorwins double glazing Upvc windows and doors London

We supply, fit and manufacture polyvinyl chloride (pvc) windows for London and help create pvc-doors and windows options to fit all needs. Our PVC doors range is bigger than most manufacturers in London today & hold much respect in the Glazing Industry, when we talk about double glazing windows in london, we are speaking about quality, security and the newest glaze unit designs up to date, Doorwins  upvc doors and windows are always made to Last the British Weather, security and pollution. unlike cheap double glazing suppliers in London that import from Asia, we manufacture plastic windows and doors locally within UK and EU.

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PVCU Window Supplier's & Manufacturer's

At Doorwins we thrive to always bring the latest designs and systems to the pvcu-windows & doors market of London and become one of the best London double glazing suppliers of our time, thus always cater the newest supply of upvc windows, double glazing windows & triple gazed upvc windows. As a main double glazing London supplier, Doorwins can always beat prices of other glazing units suppliers throughout the city and easily create bespoke designs which are manufactured for all London home owners. Our price match guarantee is always available due to being a main upvc glazing manufacture so Choose Doorwins double-glazing-manufacturers dept in London today and you won't be disappointing with the service, friendliness and sufficiency of our professional team.

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UPVC Work Pictures By Doorwins

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You are not limited by the choice of London windows models. You can also choose the size, shape, color and glazing option that you want for your windows.

Popular UPVC Windows

UPVC Bay & Bow Windows
UPVC Hung Sash Windows
UPVC Commercial Window
UPVC Casement Windows
UPVC Panoramic Windows
UPVC Tilt And Turn Windows

PVC BAY WINDOWS: known as bow & bay windows in PVC material is a very popular and good looking choice. A bay window is also called an oriel, or oriel window and usually giving more visual of the front door with 5 panel or 3 pane designs being most bought.

UPVC SASH WINDOWS: Sash vertical & horizontal styles have become a choice of the London window companies. Pvc Sash comes in Georgian bars and plain glazed to suit London area Look. 3 & 5 pane bows give an exquisite look & penings come in upwards & side way.

UPVC COMMERCIAL RANGE: commercial range usually consists of top or bottom hung pvcu awning windows and panoramic polymer windows are the 2 most used in construction today and London windows are no exception. Office blocks and tall rise buildings are catered.

UPVC CASEMENT WINDOW: Casement is by far the most sort after upvc window styles making it the most popular double glazing window inner London. One side opening or double opening or side non opening and one with opening is also a choice.

PANORAMIC PVC: panoramic is a stand still design with no openings and no handles, usually used for hard to reach or high up areas, this London Window is popular on walk ways and roofs. Also used in modern property designs.

TILT n TURN PVCU: tilt n turn is another double glazed window which does well in alu or timber and used less in the london windows trade. Weve added this due to the rise in last years and demand starting to grow


Here are some services used by Doorwins UPVC Door’s company customers:

  • UPVC Doors Supply Only: We do offer a supply only option for customers to have a choice of using their own fitter. Make sure to check for FENSA registration whether you use a builder or professional, our advice is ‘’always keep the Supply and Fit service with the same company due to Warranty Voids and other guarantee issues arising’’. Supply only is available on all styles and types from French upvc doors to upvc back doors supply only. Back doors upvc supply is usually used by building contractors or home builders.
  • Supply & Fit on pvc Doors inner & outer London: Supply and fitting is one of the best options, even though, the fitting may come from an out sourced contractor but its ‘’their’’ contractor so means that the supply only office has control over much of the completed pvc door replacement. Upvc doors outer London and pvc doors inner London can take the offer of supply & install service.
  • Residential upvc doors London: residential homes are our main focus this year due to a change in the market when construction folk now look for cheap supply only options (remember, cheaper is not always better). Working with home owners is this departments main focus over commercial pvcu, residential door buyers can count on Doorwins.
  • Door replacement service London: door replacement in London is now the most popular option over repair. Think about it, would you not rather have a new polyvinyl door and peace of mind on security, damage and wear and tear? Of course, it’s the sensible option if your buying pvc doors for your residential family home.
  • Inner London & Outer London: We have teams all around London that operate all over and all major parts of London. Upvc doors outer London or inner London doors in pvc, we have it covered, just let us know the exact location and we can let you know you’re buying options. All designs sort can be arranged from polyvinyl chloride French doors to composite doors.

Other Doors that wouldn’t cross your mind but available at Doorwins UPVC section:


  • Commercial Doors: Most upvc commercial doors are available on request such as office doors, entry doors and upvc fire doors. Ask one of the team or send an email if you have specific requirements.
  • Residential Doors: other residential doors include, rear extension doors, roof doors, pvc external doors, sliding upvc door, pvc bifold doors, kitchen pvcu doors and more (most popular designs below)
  • Upvc sliding doors: people seem to think that these doors come only in metal but little did they know, available in upvc are sliding doors, yes, they tend to have half the life of an alu one but they still do the same mechanism as them.

POPULAR UPVC DOOR'S BY DOORWINS (more available at our products page)

You are not limited by the choice of pvc door models. You can also choose the size, shape, and colour that you want for your doors upvc.

Popular UPVC Doors

Double Composite Doors
UPVC Sliding Patio Doors
UPVC Georgian French Doors
UPVC Bi-Fold Doors
PVCU Back Doors
PVCU French Doors

PVC COMPOSITE DOORS: Upvc Double doors with double swing, double glazed and split opening is the above upvc composite door. composite doors inner London are becoming very popular and the new front door.

UPVC SLIDING DOORS: These double glazed sliding doors in pvc are a very similar look to the alu ones. Doorwins has replaced pvcu sliders many a time and they are a clean look and easy to use type of door.

UPVC GEORGIAN FRENCH DOORS: Georgian pvc doors are still as common as they were 10 years ago, this sleek georgian bar in double glazed frame will never grow old. Perfection at its best and Doorwins deliver satisfaction every time.

UPVC BIFOLD DOORS: These double glazed back doors are stunning and available up to a bespoke of 8-10 panes (on request). Upvc folding systems unfortunately are not as tough as Metal folders but still available here.

UPVC BACK DOORS: Selling millions of units in upvc back doors for a double glazed residential home is an every day occurrence in itself. widely sold and available are pvc double glazed back doors in many many styles. Contact us for more styles.

FRENCH DOORS LONDON: french doors in London are used for many new build homes and replacement doors and windows oppurtunity, the first choice of home owners is always the french double door style (Doorwins has tons of styles and colours)

Take Your Pick from Various Customized UPVC Double Glazed Windows in London

Another advantage of having UPVC windows is that it allows for customization, which means that we can install whatever type of windows you like from upvc windows replacement inner London to new windows & doors in outer London areas.

Popular Services used inner and outer London areas by Doorwins Customers:

window replacement service: whole unit window replacement in London is much more popular than fixing an old window, Londoners tend to go with New windows 'n' doors because of the very cold and wet temperatures hitting in the UK and especially London in the last few years. A substitute window unit (replaced pvc window) is going to last much longer and comes with guarantees and warrantees of over 5 years.

UPVC Supply Only Windows inner, outer London: These days window companies are noticing a big change in customers and due to the digital age, people seem to be going with a supply only option and watching videos on installation. Not really the best way to go because you lose your warranty if a window is not replaced by a FENSA registered workman. Always use this option if you have a builder contracted to your home.

Call out, measure & quote service: when buying or replacing vinyl windows within inner & outer London, we are able to come out, measure and quote FREE of charge, most window companies in London tend to charge or ask for architectural drawings and quote via email. Doorwins go above and beyond to deliver quality double-glazing windows inner and outer London.


UPVC Window Styles rising in popularity: apart from the popular design range that we show on our page we have many more designs and styles of London Windows in stock:

  • Upvc Awning windows: Awning windows are slowly being replaced by casement styles because they are more practical than a vinyl awning, awning are mainly focused on in the workplace or commercial buildings.
  • Bi-fold windows: pvc is definitely not the first choice for folding windows but we do have these in supply and manufacture.
  • French pvc windows: definitely another popular choice over the years as the double opening look changes the whole appearance of a room or home, ask our staff about this style.


Windows We Install
Choose the right window for you from our wide window collection


Our Wide Range Of Colours
All our double glazing colours (more UPVC colours here)





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Double Glazing and Triple Glazing

Experts of London

Doorwins are Doors & Window experts and work alongside 5 other companies throughout london, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire counties. The 5 companies combined make up The Doorwins Group and if one company can not provide a precise double glazing requirement then there is always a partner firm at hand to help assist whether it’s double glazed windows or double glazed doors, The Doorwins Group can always deliver to high standards.

Why Choose London Glazing By Doorwins ?

We specialize in Twin glazing and triple glazing units and hold a wide range of durable materials for all purposes and our range of double glazing in London start at A+ grade to A+++ which the highest quality available within todays market. Energy efficient and special low E-Glass together make a perfect team to help keep you extra warm with lower energy usage and strong to help keep that heat in on cold winter nights. Making sure you and your family feel safe in your home is our priority and Our triple Glazing is all A+++ and gives that extra thickness to help keep your home extra safe. Noise reduction is also a great feature for both types of dual and tri glass fittings which definitley help keep that peace we all work so hard for, Do not hesitate to speak to one of our professional, helpful team members today. Doorwins manufactures the UPVC windows and doors in house and also do a supply only service, due to the in house set up its easier for us to look after regular customers with discounts and vouchers. If you are on the East side of London, not to worry, we have a double glazing department based in east london too.

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Doorwins UPVC Triple Glazed Window

Utmost Home Comfort with Perfect Temperature Through UPVC Double Glazed Windows in London

Doorwins can assure you the maximum benefits of UPVC double glazed windows in London. As the leading contractor in this business, we have the extensive experience, the right equipment, the latest technological know-how, and the highly skilled professionals to do the job with great care and precision at the most affordable price. When we install UPVC double glazed windows in your home, we make sure that your family will be more comfortable with a better indoor temperature all year round.

Why Having UPVC Windows Is a Bright Idea in London

If you’re having second thoughts on installing UPVC double glazed windows in London, don’t. You will never regret it since you’ll be making a wise investment whose multiple benefits will astound you. You will easily get back the money you used in purchasing and installing your home’s new windows through lower energy bills. The multiple-layered insulation will ensure that most of the warmth provided by your heater during winter or the coolness provided by your air-con unit during summer will remain in the confines of your home even if you turn the HVAC off for hours. Moreover, you will not spend money for maintenance since UPVC windows are made from high quality and durable materials that won’t incur damages due to age and exposure to elements, unlike wood and other window types.

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Superior UPVC Double Glazed Residential Windows in London

What Makes UPVC Double Glazing Appealing to Homeowners in London

With the continuing strides in industrial technology, the old idea of the double glazed window has been revived and given new qualities that have made it appealing to many homeowners because of its cost-effective features. The window is made of a UPVC frame where two panes of glass are fitted tightly and sealed, leaving a space between them. The two panes and the space between them serve as layers of insulation restricting the outward escape of heat or coldness inside your home when the weather outside is chilly or hot, respectively. At the same time, the multi-layered insulation also prevents the hot or chilly air outside from going inside your home in London

Click Here if you require Aluminium windows and doors which are a more sturdy but pricey option.

Doorwins Provide Only Top Quality Double Glazing UPVC Windows and Doors in London
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Check out the Premium Quality UPVC Double Glazing Windows And Doors in London

Frequentlt Asked Questions

What is the price of uPVC windows?

A UPVC window price in today's market should cost from £280 - £500 fully fitted

What are uPVC doors and windows?

These doors and windows are made from Un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC). Due to the fact that it is hard and not flexible its known as Rigid pvc. It's a from of PVC that is often used for Door & window frames.

What are the benefits of UPVC widnows & Doors?

UPVC is Tough and Durable & Rot Resistant. Thermal Comfort means they keep all the heat in winter inside the home. upvc frames are very Low Maintenance and don't need painting or sealing which also reduces the maintenance required on upvc doors and windows.

Which one is better uPVC or Aluminium Windows?

 Aluminium has been deemed less favourable than uPVC and due to its low thermal efficiency and highly conductive material (which means heat can pass through it easier) aluminium use to be the less chosen from the two.

How long do uPVC windows last?

The cheaper options will get you an easy 10 years before you see any disturbances and the higher brands will run for over 20 years, that’s why its always good to spend a little extra for lifetime of these products.

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Cleaner, More Quiet Home With UPVC Double Glazed Windows in London

Having UPVC sash and UPVC casement installed in your home not only prevents the heat or chill outside from getting inside your house. UPVC windows also keep the street noise and dust from penetrating your home. This is especially beneficial if you happen to live in a noisy neighborhood where there’s constant street traffic. The insulation in the window muffles the noise by around 75 percent. With dust and street noise pretty much out of the way, you will have a much cleaner home that is also more peaceful and quiet so you can have a more relaxing sleep.

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double glazing

Call Us Now and Let’s Make Life More Beautiful Inside Your Home in London

Every cent you will spend in purchasing and installing UPVC double glazed windows in London will be worth it. The new windows will not only ensure your family’s comfort and safety through all the days of the year. They will also give you a most favorable return on investment in the form of savings in electric bills. Moreover, as your energy cost goes down, the value of your property goes up. All advantages are stacked in your favor. So call us now and let us make life more beautiful inside your own home.

We are one of the Top Expert Double Glazed Window Service Companies in London

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by Ben D. on DoorWins

We had a great experience with DoorWins. John has worked on our home project from scratch to finish with great quality and professional support.

by Matt C. on DoorWins

Overall, I am very happy I went with George.He addressed all my concerns, came up with suggestions based on my needs, and the price was very competitive(that's what I liked the most lol) ! Would definitely recommend him to family, and friends !!

More Frequently Asked Questions About UPVC Windows & Doors

Are uPVC windows double glazed?

Yes, all standard uk frames are fitted with double glazed glass or windows and its your choice to upgrade to triple glazing or toughened glass for noise reduction or you may live in a cold place and need to retain the heat. UK standards are minimum double-glazed units only when it comes to upvc

How much does double glazing windows and doors cost?

As a rough guide, doorwins charge approx. £500 per fitted UPVC window with frame and handles and £900 for a front or back composite door. Lower spending options are available as well as higher depending on Brand.


What is meant by uPVC?

Un-Plasticized polyvinyl chloride is the correct definition of UPVC which chemical resistant due to the needs of weathering.


Are uPVC Windows cheaper than Aluminium?

Yes, UPVC is around 3 times cheaper than Aluminium in all cases. So for instance if you went with the Advance Brand, the price of there UPVC fitted window would fetch around £450 price mark and the same branded Aluminum go for £1250 per unit installed.


Is uPVC better than Aluminium?

Well, I would need to define ‘’better’’, insulation and heat escape is higher chances with Aluminium as for the air tight UPVC will do a better job at keeping that heat in. When we talk about security, Aluminium is the choice for security ‘’all day long’’.


Is uPVC Windows safe?

They are safe to a certain extent and adding the extra security features is really up to you. If iys for tenets, I get it, we can always cut back on these costs but if it’s the family living space then please think about the long term headaches you will not need worry about with an extra locking system or two.

Is uPVC toxic?

lead, cadmium, and organotin are all very toxic and when it burns its much more toxic and when people try to recycle these units and think ‘’I’m doing a good thing’’ , the actual process of recycling involves much burning.

What is the average price for replacement windows?

Cost Factors. Replacing a window costs an average of £400 to £700 per window fully installed.

Is uPVC better than wood?

UPVC does not rot or get infected like wood does so is much better but if it’s the ‘’look’’ you want then Wood is the way forward. Life is shorter than UPVC.

How much does it cost for double glazing?

The cost of glazing will vary based on size, style and window types. On average, installing 4 casement windows in your home will cost upwards of £2,000. Generally, a single double glazed casement window costs between £250 and £450 without installation costs.

Is triple glazing better than double glazing?

Triple glazing is more noise durable and noise friendly, its safer and harder to break and hangs on to the heat that bit longer than double glazing. The only downfall is condensation and if it occurs you end up replacing more panes of glass.

How much do new windows cost UK?

The style, size and number of windows will have an impact on the price, but on average a single uPVC window is between £400 and £500 including installation. Fitting standard uPVC windows on a 3 bed property will cost in the regions of £3,000 and £5,000.

How long does it take to fit a uPVC window?

Doorwins fitters can do a whole 3 bed house within 2 days maximum so one window should be an hour or so job.

How much does a new front door cost?

The average door installation cost is between £90 and £500 (depending on door type) and uPVC doors can start from around £800.

What's the difference between PVC and uPVC?

The main difference between PVC and uPVC is that uPVC doesn't contain phthalates or BPA. This makes it safer for transporting water, as well as making it fire-resistant.

Which is better PVC or uPVC?

Upvc is safer than pvc in short and all round.

What's a uPVC door?

A UPVC door is a full plastic door but a much stronger and harder and cheaper door than timber or Aluminium. These UPVC doors can have wood grain finishes and any colour finish to give a good look.

How much do uPVC patio doors cost?

Cost Guide for Patio & French Doors


Sliding Patio : 2 doors     White PVCu        from around £850 fitted or £590 supply only

Sliding: 3 doors White PVCu        from around £900 fitted or £700 supply only

Bi fold : 4 panel PVCu     from around  £1,250 without fitting

How much is a uPVC bay window?

uPVC Bay Windows

Bay Window approx size & panels             Specification      Price range

2500 x 1500 3 panel        uPVC White        £1,000 to £1,300

3000 x 1500 4 panel        uPVC White        £1,400 to £1,700

4000 x 1500 5 panel        uPVC White        £2.000 to £2,500

How often do windows need replacing?

Again, it depends on the brand used. If you take a middle-priced option then you are good for approx. 15 years with no real big worries. Extra coats are available for harsher weather options.

Are double glazed windows worth it?

Double glazing is always worth it especially in a high crime neighbourhood or highly cold weather altitudes. Lower energy bills is another benefit that I must add.

How thick are uPVC frames?

UPVC + Aluminium Combination windows come in frame thicknesses of 75 mm and 93 mm.

what cleans upvc windows and doors?

warm water and small squirt of eco-friendly dish soap are always great but gentle wool-laundering liquid detergent give you a safer, less corrosive alternative for cleaning upvc windows and doors. Use a soft cloth for washing and lay a cloth for drips on the floor or base.

can you paint upvc windows and doors?

Sure, you can paint it, but PVC doesn't take paint all that well so choosing the correct colour is always good at the start of a new fit.


how to install upvc windows and doors?

Some people tend to fit them themselves but always try use a specialist. They know exactly which screws and what types of frames can take certain materials for building regulations. You can also find fitting videos on our channel.

how to make upvc windows and doors?

uPVC is the material that the frame of the double-glazed windows are made of. This material is based on plastic powder coating (un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride), which is heated up and injected into a mould in order to form its shape which can give the bay shape or rounded top shape.

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Emergency Services
As part of our promise

Double Glazing UPVC Windows - all guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years and UPVC up to 25 years , Doorwins is a full service company in London that has years of experience in replacement and repair services. In the event that one of your sash windows or doors crack down, we can immediately remove the glass and clean-up the area, and schedule it immediately for replacement or repair services. We will provide you with glass type options according to your needs, and install them quickly when necessary. Our team can answer any technical questions you might have and ensure that your project goes as smoothly and trouble-free as possible.


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