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Doorwins Aluminium Bifold Doors

Welcome to Doorwins bifold door department, where bi-fold door manufacturers take pride in there suppliers. Doorwins are taking projects of all sizes and bifolding doors of all sizes from 3 panel aluminium bifold doors to 5m bifold’s throughout inner and outer London and near by counties for External bifold doors as supply only or supply and fit orders. Doorwins aluminium windows and doors main teams consist throughout North London, east London, west London and South London, making it easier for us to cover Greater London and nearby towns and counties. We also have a upvc double glazing department to help those who seek a pvc product. Doorwins cover a vast area of London, which provides the folding door service to all parts of west end of london, eastern london area, north london side and all towns south of london

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Bifold Door Company main suppliers and manufacturers

Doorwins are a main bifold door suppliers and manufacturer for the most of the UK for supply only orders and supply and fitting projects alike. Our bi-fold doors are high and low threshold which last a lifetime with 25 years guarantee for 99% of the brands that we use. Trade orders welcome for all traders and trade prices available for project managers that are purchasing multiple items. Metal bifold doors have been one of Doorwins specialties since day one and one of our main feature items that are manufactured and supplied to the highest standards.

Bifold door manufacturer

We manufacture all our aluminium doors that fold  in house. Allowing us to match cheap aluminium bifold door prices and quality of prile, whether an Aluk bifold doors or Cortizo bifold doors. Doorwins hold a partnerships with 5 companies within the group and can manufacture and supply folding doors to south London, east london, west london, North london and

Aluminium Bifold Doors

Most popular designs are available in showroom or home visit catalogue, mainly consisting of the 2 panel, 3 panel and 4 panel bifolds but remember our bespoke service which allows up to 8-10 folds with multiple openings. Whatever the project, we will always try our best to deliver quality branded profiles (no matter what the product may be)

central parts of london city.


3 Panel bifold doors
4 Panel Bifold Doors
5 Panel bifold doors
6 Pane Bifold Door
7 Pane Bifold Door
Bespoke Bifold Doors

2 door bifold

2 door bi fold doors are not so common and mostly used in circumstances where the actual frame in the wall is smaller. For example a replacement of a double French door to 2 panel aluminium bifold doors is best example of this.

3 Panel Bifold Door

The 3 door bifold is probably one of the most popular choices that we manufacture and supply every day on an hourly basis. It consists of 3 panes and all fold in to each other neatly.

4 Bifold doors

The 4 pane bi-fold is another item which is becoming popular in replacement scenarios and the best example of this is when 2 sets of double doors is replaced with a full metal folding door with middle wall removal.

5m bifold doors

5 panels come under a bespoke service and usually requires a larger space for the doors to sit neatly within the folds of each other. 5 frames are a great look and great space savers to the garden patio area.


Extra Space

Corner-less Bi-fold Doors

Extra Sexy

Corner Bifold Doors

Corner Bifold Doors

Cornerless bi-folds , also known as Corner Bifold doors are a very elegant looking design which can change the entire look of one's home. They come with a corner missing support or framework which gives it the name Corner bifold door or Cornerless bifolds because of the actual finishing look. Overnight we've seen homes go from tacky to cosy just by adding this section without ends or pillas and my god are they beautiful. Some construction work does come with the Kitchen extension but we have you covered, partnered with many builders such as The Constructor extensions team, we can offer this cornerless folding door conversion in-house (all in one place). If you want more advise on these bespoke bifold option, just call us and we can assist.

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Anthracite grey bifold doors
white aluminium bifold doors
black aluminium bifold doors
Grey Bifold doors

Anthracite grey aluminium bifold doors are a popular choice for most of Greater London Project, they look elegant and very stylish and also pricey. In large demand are these dark grey, silver and powder coated grey folding doors which match any flooring, concrete or tiles. A great choice to up the value of the home.

Aluminium White bifold doors

These white bifold doors are the cheapest type of fold doors, due to being white doesnt require much maintenance or coating, many of the external frames, slim or thick, come in a standard white and therefor a cheaper price for white doors systems. More shades available in showroom and in schuco, cortizo & more

black bifold doors

Black aluminum bifold doors are the least popular of the 3 but still in high demand, if its a low maintenance colour option you are looking for, go with black. Black folding doors will require less cleaning and match all accessories such as white or silver handles, even gold looks great on Black.

Aluminium Bifold doors London

Bifold doors near you

Are you probably searching ''bifold doors near me'' ? well, search no more, you have come to the single company that can supply, manufacture and install your bifold doors. Based in Greater London? we cater bifold doors for south london, bifold doors in west london, bifold doors in east London and aluminium bifold doors for north london on a weekly basis , so you have nothing to worry about and let our staff help you choose your new bifold doors today.

Aluminium Folding Doors by Doorwins

Folding aluminum doors are the modern aluminum doors of greater London and UK. Every customer is fast seeing the potential of these Aluminum folding doors and wanting to save that extra space in the home and create an open living area from the patio to rear of the home. Folding doors look best in aluminum due to the shear weight of the glass and strength of the aluminum frame unit. Doorwins brings the best doors that fold to the market and have variety to match every visitors needs, this way we make sure no one is turned away.


Most Popular Colours of Bifold Doors By Doorwins

When we talk bifolding systems, we must always outline the 3 main sort after colours in the UK and aluminium industry. Most popular being the Grey bi-folding doors, second most popular are the sliver folding doors and next comes the Black bifold mechanism and lastly but least the white coloured slimline frame. Those being the most sort after designs and surely the higher selling frames in Schuco, Aluk and cortizo (the 3 brands that have taken over in most regions of Greater London). RAL colours never the less are still selling highly too, red ali doors, blue, pink and even purple or a two-tone double color system is very modern and common these days. People are becoming more courageous when meddling with interior and exterior design of there homes and that’s why Doorwins keeps every RAL colour as an option.

upvc being a trending material these days, doorwins are also focusing alot of time in to that sector which means they now have a greater london upvc team, s.london pvc dept, w.london pvcu staff , eastern london upvc factory and a N.London pvcu warehouse.















Natural and Modern Additions to a Home are

Bifold Aluminum Doors

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the sunshine without having to stand the heat? Perhaps your home has a tremendous view you’ve always been wanting to showcase. You’ll be able to do both with aluminum bifold doors.

Not only will this article be able to define what these contemporary doors are, but will also state the benefits to owning them and the popular designs that are available.


What are Bifold Aluminum Doors?

In comparison to other exterior entrances, bifold doors definitely possess a simple, yet modern look to any household. They are made of 90% glass, whereas the frame is made of aluminum.

Typically speaking, bifold doors work by opening in the same manner as an accordion. Each door pane is able to fold back onto the other. Like sliding doors and windows, they are attached to a runner which helps the door glide easily.

According to Price Your Job UK, the price range of installing these doors usually start at €1,500 to €2,500. Keep in mind that most installations differ on the bifold system, color, and type of glass.


aluminium bifold doors supply only 

Doorwins currently offers a wide variety of different styles with the best aluminum bifold door supply only. In fact, there are 14 styles to choose from. However, the most popular style to date is the three panel doors. This is because they have enough doors to control how open their house is to the outdoors. Also, they don’t have to spend much time locking each door every night.

Popular Colors

One of the advantages of installing doors with Doorwins is that they are able to provide their aluminum in almost every color in the rainbow. However, the most popular colors that people order are usually neutral such as black, white, and grey.

Popular Frame Types

When it comes to the type of frame your bifold door has, you should consider the following:

  • Location

Because aluminum is such a durable material, you should consider putting it on any exterior entryways.

  • Your Budget

How much do you plan on spending? Double glazed glass door calls for a thinner frame, and is more likely to be budget-friendly.

  • Style of Your Interior

Although it may not seem important, the type of frame that you choose could heavily affect the aesthetic of a room. Because the bifold door serves as a main attraction to a room, it’s best to find one that is uniform to the theme of its interior design.

The most popular size of frame is the 5m bifold door.
Cortizo Bifold Doors

Bifold doors in Cortizo are at present one of the leading profiles in London and Doorwins are closely attached to Cortizo aluminium doors. Cortizo are renown for there bifold doors and patio sliding doors and the Cor Vision slider, which is one of the more prestige styles which come at a higher price. The good thing about Cortizo is they have high end bifolds and a more affordable price of bifolding doors which makes it possible for all home owners to afford. Try the Cortizo profile with the doorwins group today.


aluminium bifold doors trade Explained

  There are several benefits to having bifold aluminum doors.

  1. Gives a Wider Illusion

Because a majority of the external bifold door is made of glass, it makes the room appear to be more open. The sleek aluminum frame and large amount of glass allows the eye to focus on the view outside of the glass compared to the visual limitation a regular door offers.

Plus, they allow you to showcase the wonderful view your property may have.

  1. Source of Natural Light

Having natural light shining through your external bifold doors isn’t only beneficial to the aesthetic it gives your house, but it also helps the environment. Natural light allows the sunshine to be your source of light, rather than energy powered light bulbs.

Natural light additionally serves as an organic disinfectant. Household plants are given a sufficient amount of sunlight daily.

It can also have a psychological effect wherein it decreases negative emotions. Sunlight can help strengthen the body’s immune system, provide vitamin B and D, and improves blood circulation.

  1. Give More Space with 2, 3, 4 panel bifold doors

There is no specific way to open the bifold doors. Contrast to other doors, they can be opened inwards or outwards. Compact spaces are given more room without having to make room for the door to open.

You’ll be able to customize how much of the door you would like to leave open. Although there are several doors to the system, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of opening them all every time you pass through. Access doors can be installed, whereas they function both as a bifold door and a regular door.

  1. Easy to Use

Though bifold doors may seem intimidating to use, they are actually user friendly. You don’t need to apply much force to glide the doors. The frames contribute to this factor as they are made of aluminum, a sturdy, yet lightweight metal.

  1. Secure

Each door is able to be locked with its multi-point locking system. Other exterior doors are only able to provide one lock.

Although bifolds sit low on the threshold, you can further increase your home’s insulation by adding a rubber or brush seal.

Though most bifolding doors are made of wood or PVC, the aluminum material can withstand harsh weather conditions. The material is also unaffected by termites.

  1. Easy Maintenance

Aluminum doors are generally easy to clean. All you need to clean these doors are warm, soapy water.

  1. Long Life Expectancy

The expected lifetime of a bifold aluminum door is about 45 years, which is significantly longer than other builds.

Note: To ensure a longer life and a more durable build, it is recommendable to find frames with a powder finish. 

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Bifold doors London

Aluminium bifold doors by Doorwins are distributed in and around London areas, from south London to North London teams on the go, most areas are always covered by Doorwins staff. Our folding doors have been sort after by homeowners looking for bifold doors in south London to builders looking for bi-folds in north London for many years now and Doorwins always being able to deliver keeps them coming back for there Aluminium profile requirements time and time again. So whether you yourself are based in North London, West London or South London, call our team today or email us with the folding doors schedule for a fast quote.


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