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The latest designs in Uk’s market have to be the ‘Sliding Folding Doors’ which not only have a bi-fold mechanism but also able to slide from one side to another giving the owner options to save space or time (or both).  These sliding folding mechanism doors can be found usually within the greater London region but now custom to agricultural parts of the UK too. Fold n slide as they are known look sleek with slim frames and always a folding door type to show off to neighbors, friends and family and not to mention the convenience the owner of fold and slide doors have. Aluminium windows and doors are important to any home and We can arrange to replace your windows in London.

Aluminium Folding Doors in London are probably becoming the most popular and fastest-selling folding doors. Doorwins always stays ahead in the market for aluminium folding doors and windows and even display the newest sliding folding doors in London. Reach out to one of our specialists to talk or email us to find out more about sliding folding doors or aluminium bi-folding doors for London homes. Choose from Supply doors and windows or fitting included or opt in for our doors and windows quote online.

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When choosing a door and window these days, you actually have a lot of choice in front of you. Do you want one that swings inwards? Outwards? Or one that slides into the frame and neatly clicks into place? If you don’t want any of those options, ones that fold might be the ones that you’re looking for. As well as being a good barrier when they’re closed, they’re perfect at really opening up a place once you’ve decided to separate them.

Most common in replacement doors an aluminium folding system is exactly what it sounds like. Glass encased in an aluminium frame that neatly folds out of the way rather than opening into your personal space. It’s perfect for homes that are lacking in the space departments, or for those rooms that you want the option to have closed off occasionally. It allows for you to open them back up at will and expose almost the full space rather than just having an open door frame.

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They go from covering the full space to carefully folding in on each other until they can be pushed to the side, allowing for an open room yet again. They make a good alternative to walling off a too-big room, or to specify set spaces for individual purposes. There are many different reasons and options to choose an aluminum folding system, such as a door or a divider, and many uses that can come from them. Most popular are Cortizo, Aluk and Schucco Double & Triple glazing units

Doorwins cover a vast area of London, which provides the folding door service to all parts of west of london, east of london, north of london side and all towns south of london


Why choose an Aluminium Folding windows & bi-fold Systems

If you’re looking into something like an aluminium bi-folding door, these can be a perfect choice purely for the way they open. They take up very little space and make it easy to open up an area, such as a garden, or a room in the home - i.e. a conservatory. The great thing about bi-fold doors is that there’s a combination of ways that you can open them. They usually come with a minimum of two panels, and can be expanded up to seven panels. For multiple panels, you can open them from the left or the right. Or split them in the middle so they open on both sides. However, you want to fold them open, it’s more than likely possible for you to do.  You can also set one door to be the ‘main’ door, which comes with a lock and is incredibly secure - no less than any other door that you’d have on an entrance or exit to your home. Upvc is surely not a good material for folding systems but better for doors and windows in upvc, due to glass weights the pvc folding system doesn't last long. Its always better to ask a double glazing manufacturer and supplier before going for upvc.

Not only do they save space though, they also look incredibly good when they’re fitted correctly. They’re attractive and slim-lined, they don’t take up a lot of space and can be out of the way when you want them open. They also don’t look obvious; they’ll appear just like any other normal sliding door, or French patio door, but when it comes to opening them, you can fold each pane in on itself until it’s neatly away in the corner, leaving just the top and bottom frame behind to slot the panes back into when you’re ready to close up.

With bi-folding doors, or even any other type of aluminium folding system, you’re not sacrificing anything for looks. You’ll get the same high standard that you’d expect from a door. They’ll still be thermally broken to ensure that heat is kept in, and they’ll work hard to keep out the other elements from your home too.

Just like other aluminium doors, this gives them a low U-rating and ensures that their energy efficiency rating is one to be proud of. They’ll help you save a little on your heating bills, as well as keeping the cold air out through window. They won’t corrode over time either, like other materials are known to do and you’ll get much more wear and tear out of them before you even need to think about replacing them.

If you want a folding door,instead of UPVCaluminium is the better material to go with just because of how long it lasts and how strong it is. Thanks to the strength of the compound, rather than needing a thick frame to hold your glass, you can very easily get triple glazed glass in a thin frame, keeping everything looking neat and tidy, rather than bulky and in the way. You don’t need to worry about the thin frame meaning it’s too weak, either because they can hold amazing weights with such little amount of the material. It gives you great results every time and gives you an elegant finish to your home.

Other Uses for aluminium bi fold windows & bi-folding doors

It’s not just only doors, either! Aluminium folding systems can apply to windows as well. Both inside and outside of the home. They work very similar to the way that the doors do, by holding in panel by panel until they’re seated neatly out of the way and you have the full frame open and available. Like with the doors, you can pick multiple panels - the standard usually being up to six maximum depending on how much space you have available to yourself. You can also pick which way they open - if they open into a room, or out of it. This makes it handier to customise depending on what you want the window for. The folding system goes great in a conservatory which also comes with french doors styles and casement style.

Even in windows, there’s no security risk as they’re fully lockable and secure from the inside. It’s no more dangerous than having a normal window in place. They look neater and also give you more room to use when they’re pushed aside. A popular use is in kitchens, to double as a serving hatch to the outside, or so that you can let the outdoors in while you’re busy. Another good thing about them is, again, the thin frame meaning that there’s a higher glass ratio. The more glass you have compared to frame means the more air and natural light that can get into a room, and this can make all the difference in making a room feel inviting and giving it the right sort of atmosphere.


For more clarifications, you can contact us. Our expert team is ready to help you with any doubts.

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