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Aluminium Windows and Doors For London

(Greater & Areas Around M25)

Welcome to Doorwins the Aluminium Windows specialists and long-time aluminium Door fabrication company with over 40 years experience in Aluminum glazing , doors and windows with 10 locations in the UK. Here at Doorwins in London we put the customer first and always meet there demands to high standards with top quality prices. We bring the industries top brands in external and internal windows and doors and run a swift service to provide casement windows or bifold doors. Aluminium trade is our passion and we cater for commercial projects as well as home owners quarries.

Commercial products include Casement, panoramic, curtain walling, triple glazing, bifold and slide systems on doors and many other designs made to fit in a bespoke manner.
Residential home are welcome to take a look at our range of folding doors bifold or slide aluminium windows, sliding patio doors, lanterns, external aluminium doors, internal door, bespoke window designs and more.

Lead time is very important to everyone and we know that with a passion, so we make sure to fulfil your frames and profile orders for aluminium windows and aluminium doors (all designs) to a maximum of 7 days (please ask beforehand)

So maybe you have a deadline on your projects or you require a fast or particular time frame, remember Doorwins are here to help assist in profile choice, colours, bifold doors, sliding doors, casement windows, sliding aluminium window and many more designs in our massive range of thin frame and thick.

No job is too great or too small for us, we welcome single window customers and commercial customers whom may require 40 windows and doors, to us its all the same so call today to make an online purchase or face to face enquiry at your home or our warehouse, call the team to help you choose and buy today.

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Our Range Of Windows

(100's of other designs available)

Aluminium Awning Window
Sash Windows Hung
Alu Casement Windows
Alu Panoramic Windows
Aluminium tilt n Turn

For more info and prices Email us: [email protected]

Our Range Of Doors

(100's of other designs available)


Aluminium Bifold Doors
Sliding Doors
Cornerless Bifold Doors
Internal Doors
Aluminum Front Doors

Why choose Aluminium windows with Doorwins?

Aluminium Windows are very versatile, robust and strong which are designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions with exceptional acoustic performance. Aluminium windows are great at minimizing heat loss and keeping most noise outdoors plus Low E internal glass reflects heat back into the room, minimising any energy loss. Doorwins aluminium windows and aluminium doors fabricate to the highest standards making our windows virtually maintenance free and are built to last you a lifetime. Our window and door systems are Secure by Design accreditation, these are certifications that we must hold on all our materials which also falls in to our 10-25 years system guarantees.

Doorwins provide the homeowner with the very best aluminium windows and doors and can help you choose correctly what you need and do not need. Most companies will up the bill but Doorwins have no commission based staff.

Doors We Install
Choose the right door for you from our wide doors collection

Our Wide Range Of Colours
All our windows and doors will be available in the following colors


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Our Guarantee
Our premium installation service guarantees the best you can get

Windows We Install
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Double and Triple Glazing Aluminium

We specialize in double glazing and triple glazing units and hold a wide range of durable materials for all purposes and our range of double glazing start at A+ grade to A+++ glass and aluminium frames which are the highest quality available within todays market. Energy efficient Glass with frame and special low E-Glass together make a perfect team to help keep you extra warm with lower energy usage and strong to help keep that heat in on cold winter nights. Home and Customer security is one of our commitments so were always Making sure you and your family feel safe by prioritising Our double Glazing with A+++ and an aluminium frame gives that extra thickness to help keep your home extra safe at all times of year and season. Noise reduction is also a great feature for both types of dual and tri glass fittings which definitley help keep that peace we all work so hard for. Our glass whether its double glazed or triple glazed, once sat in an aluminium thin or thick frame gives any enforcer a hard time getting past it to make entry via external doors or internal doors and windows. Do not hesitate to speak to one of our professional, helpful team members today for the best prices in greater london.

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living room area with aluminium windows and doors in the background

Aluminium Windows And Doors

Doorwins aluminium windows and doors in London are designed for efficient sound reduction, and are the best in the industry. We know for a fact that there is no greater comfort than having windows and doors that are durable and energy efficient at the same time. We ensure that our products are environmentally sustainable. Our products are built for outstanding reliability and performance. This assurance gives you the confidence that you are selecting products that are built to last. We understand that mould formation is one of the leading problems in homes, so the products we use are manufactured in such a way that they reduce condensation and heat loss.

Doorwins Offers Premium Products in London

We offer aluminium doors and windows built from the sturdiest, finest materials in London that pass the most stringent standards. We offer warranties that protect your investment. Our vendors offer lifetime warranties to ensure value for money. With us, you will never have to pay the bill upfront. You will only be required of a down payment in order for us to buy the materials needed, and the remaining amount will only be due upon completion of the project. We understand that paying in full upfront means unnecessary risk on your part, so we meet you halfway so we can gain your trust.

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The Benefits of Aluminium windows and doors

Aluminium windows and doors have a much higher beneficial factor over any other material with its wide range of more thinner frames and corner-less space saver options. Both Aluminum windows and doors are basically maintenance free due to the paint and powder coating used on them which have the special abilities to self-preserve these wonderful systems.

The super strength of these Aluminum frames means that more visibility is a definite option offering more use of glass within the aluminum frames whether its windows or doors. When doors and windows become Draughty or start to jam that can be very much annoying but Aluminium frames do not expand in heat or contract in the winter making them perfect for all year round.

To learn more about our aluminum windows click on the various products pictured above or contact our sales team.

aluminium windows at bayswater london apartment

Aluminium Windows

Double Glazing Aluminum sash windows at westminster central london apartment
Aluminium Windows That We Offer:
  • Aluminium Casement windows

    – Casement style is a very top selling window were the Openers are attached to the frame by special hinges, with many available designs

  • Sash Windows

- single-hung and double-hung sash windows are the main two to choose from and hold there own advantages but mainly should be provided to match surrounding patterns

  • Edwardian

– Edwardian / Georgian style tough windows with a double overlapped vertical slide system give that spectacular look and feel.

  • Tilt & Turn – These European inspired windows can tilt inwards (bottom hung), or open inwards from the side (side hung) and mainly found in high multi story buildings.
  • Curve Shaped - accurately produce curved and arched windows, including circles, angles windows, D frames, as well as other custom bespoke shapes.
  • Slim Frame Windows – this allows for a maximized viewing area for your windows.
  • Panoramic Windows – They are large and spacious and are most suitable for family rooms. As the name suggests, they give a panoramic view of the outside.
  • Roof Windows – our roof windows are built while ensuring security, function and ease of use.
  • Sliding windows - used in residential and commercial properties and one of the more tradition aluminium window types.

We also have displayed units and catalogues which supply fixed windows which have glass that stays in one place, hopper windows that are used mainly for basements with inwards openings for better ventilation and transom windows which has a cross bar in-between it and the door below dividing the two.

The doorwins Group are renown for supplying and fitting sidelight windows, jalousie or louvered windows, clerestory windows, skylights, roof windows & lanterns, the very popular bay window, oriel & picture windows, emergency exit windows, stained glass windows, Alu French windows and not to forget Aluminium panel windows.

The truth of the matter is that there are so many designs and styles or purposes to choose from that our London Sales manager always requests a free Call Out and Meet up with a Doorwins staff member

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium is widely used in London as an alternative to wood because aside from the fact that it is superior in terms of quality, it is also lighter and more durable. The weight and durability makes aluminium easier to operate and use. Its fire resistant qualities make it a better choice and wood and other materials, while its pest free characteristic makes it easier to maintain. Other ideal qualities of aluminium are corrosion resistance, and flexibility, which allows it to be bent in different shapes. Here are some of the products we offer here at DoorWins :

Follow the link If you are in search of Upvc Double Glazing and choose the correct city to speak to our expert staff

Aluminium Doors That We Offer:

Our Newest Range available in the following designs

  • Slim Frame Doors – this will give your home more character and help maximize the glass area.
  • Residential aluminium Doors
  • Commercial Aluminum Doors
  • Aluminum Entrance Doors – Doorwin’s entrance doors are low maintenance, attractive, secure and energy efficient.
  • Folding Doors - One that opens by folding back in panels, it provides better aesthetics and function.
  • Pivot Doors – Choose from among our wide variety of tested pivot doors that add class to your home
  • Front external Doors
  • Back external Doors
  • Aluminium Sliding Doors

    – This type saves space and adds style, giving any room a dramatic look.

  • Aluminium Bi folding Doors

    – This style is the future of space savers that also make the area of the house were used look much larger than before.

aluminium Sliding door thats been left half open

Why choose Aluminium Doors?

Aluminium Doors are highly durable building material. This type of profile is insulated with a poly-amide core to help prevent heat transfer through the frame Meaning a fire can be controlled easier. We all hate to think about the worst in life but it’s always necessary from my own experiences, therefor I can confidently say that Aluminium doors are much harder to break in for thieves than other materials which are cheaper on the market. As with all our other aluminium systems we offer a

10 – 25-year insurance backed system guarantee for all our aluminium doors. Colour ranges and security types are advancing in a major way and we have all the new systems for you to choose from.

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The aluminium windows price list guide

1.The Price

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘’its not the price but the quality? ‘’, well , this really applies to Aluminium fabrications to a Tee. Gaining a like for like quote can be hard within the double-glazing industry as Aluminium double-glazing manufacturers, fabricators and suppliers will more than likely vary on pricing. You can be looking for the most secure and durable systems down to less secure which means that price can be completely different from brand to brand. It really depends on the brand you want and can afford. There is likely to be a huge range in quotes so don’t forget that this is more than just a pricing game. Try and gain prices separately for supply only and fitting only

  • Lead time is a must (how fast the company can deliver)
  • Always ask for explanations to why one price is different to the other (what am I paying for)
  • Are you getting a slim design or Thicker? (remember slimmer should be more expensive)
  • Am I paying for corrosion proof, draft resistant seals, Low E internal glass and most of all security.

Don’t forget that, as most systems require specialist fitting Doorwins company can accommodate all these factors.

That said, we will try and give you the best price guide from our knowledge look. (Brands and systems vary in price)

Average Aluminium windows prices

1 Window with fitting  

£600 - £1200 (£1200 quote will be brands such as Kawneer and Schucco)

Average Aluminium Door Prices

1 Front or Back door (exterior)

£1200 - £3500 (again, the higher quote will depend on security required and thickness of the door)

3 panel bifold doors        Description - Aluminium Bifold Doors    Price Guide without VAT

1900mm x 2100mm      standard RAL colours / double glazed     £1,400 to £2,000

2500mm x 2100mm      standard RAL colours / double glazed     £1,900 to £2,100

4 panel bifold doors        Description - Aluminium Bifold Doors    Price Guide without VAT

2900mm x 2100mm      standard RAL colours / double glazed     £2,200 to £2,300


Aluminium profile is insulated with a polyamide core to help prevent heat transfer through the frame. In case of a fire emergency, most fires will not spread through these doors.

Aluminium Frames supply Low-iron outer glass pane which improves window clarity to help see whom is at the front or back door and a wider view of surroundings

Aluminum doors are the way if have family members that live at the property. A quick search will show you that crime and break ins were much lower to houses and commercial properties with aluminum profiles.

Doorwins Doors meet the security requirements of British Standards Publication PAS 24:2012 and acts under FENSA guarantee.

3. the type or brand

The bigger more expensive brands are Shueco and Kawneer which most architectural companies decide to use. Business and commercial premises require Kawneer over Shucco due to industry requirements were as homes and residential will require brands such as Aluk and schuecco.

Doorwins can fabricate any make, brand and design to suit your needs so give us a call today and we can assist.

Choosing the brand and type of system is always hard and therefor our staff are well trained in helping you choose the correct type. It all depends on what you require such as:

  • Space saving
  • Security
  • Cheap and cheerful
  • Family safety
  • Energy saving

we ask you at least give us a call before deciding so that our staff can point you in the rite direction. Lots more tips on choosing double glazing , tips that our experts have included

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Aluminium windows vs pvc

Prices differ massively when in comparison with pvc and our london experts estimate the price to be 4-6 times higher on Aluminium windows. Metal is always a more expensive solid and the pricing difference doesnt just end there, we move on to:

Why we have the best aluminium windows

The best aluminium fabrications can cost up to 8 times more than a standard pvc fabricator, company brands such as schucco or kawneer are much related to architectural projects.

Traditional Reyners residential style windows

Reyners are a cheaper brand to schucco but never the less a very high quality window for the average home owner. Residential windows and doors will always be cheaper in price to a commercial aluminum windows or doors project. Commercial buildings require thicker frames and security set doors and residential doors can do with an interlock system making them much more affordable.

Slimline aluminium windows & doors pricing

Todays world consists of sleek designs and modern systems, whether it be a furniture for your home or office or an aluminium bifolding door. The slim line are more expensive '' now, i see you asking yourself 'wouldnt it cost more for a thicker design which consists of more metal within the frame?' , that would be the case of both slim line aluminium and thick aluminum were as easy to fabricate as each other. Slimline aluminium windows & doors will always be harder to make due to the fine sleek thinner frames, making a slimmer metal secure is harder than making a thick aluminium frame secure.

Aluminium windows online supply only orderline : +44 20 8629 1171

Maximum Protection For Bifold doors From the Harshest Weather Conditions in Greater London

Our doors and windows here at Doorwins will keep your home in London warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our sash windows provide a tight fit so that the heat or cold does not escape it especially under extreme weather conditions. Our products are impact resistant and we are proud to say that what we offer are cost-effective solutions for hurricane protection. We stand by the quality of the products we use and we will be more than glad to visit you at your property to solve any issues that may arise. We hand out care and maintenance booklets for you to get the most out of the aluminium French doors and windows we install.

windows and doors Companies in London

Trusted Experts

Doorwins does not believe in high pressure selling. When you call us, we will provide you with the information you need, coupled with some experienced guidance on the selection and purchase of your items, down to installation and even aftercare. We will ensure you make the right decisions and it will be solely up to you to decide if you want to continue business with us. Our aluminium sash windows and doors in London will fit the architectural design you want because we can customize them to your liking. We offer made to order products so they can fit any opening.

Doorwins door installation taking place
Man searching online for double glazing
Professional Services from one of the Best Windows Companies

You should really take a good look at the window companies supplying you with your aluminium windows and doors in London. Here at Doorwins, our products are manufactured and installed to the highest quality. They are also fully tested for durability so you can be sure that they are extremely sturdy and can stand the harshest weather conditions. After the project, we will provide you with aftercare services and will never make you feel abandoned. We provide continuous customer service that goes beyond the completion of the project. We return calls within 24 hours and guarantee that we will be with you on your scheduled appointment. Our tradesmen and fitters work to the highest standards. We are always respectful and on time. With us you will be secured dealing with professionals who have carried out services to the locals of London for many years.

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Emergency Services
As part of our promise

Windows and Doors - all guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years and aluminium up to 25 years , Doorwins is a full service company in London that has years of experience in replacement and repair services. In the event that one of your sash windows or doors crack down, we can immediately remove the glass and clean-up the area, and schedule it immediately for replacement or repair services. We will provide you with glass type options according to your needs, and install them quickly when necessary. Our team can answer any technical questions you might have and ensure that your project goes as smoothly and trouble-free as possible.


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