Happy UPVC Customers In 2022
Happy Aluminium Customers In 2022
upvc windows and upvc doors supplied for a full house in golders green north london

Rehau upvc windows and doors on Golders Green Home NW11 8AG


Upvc windows and doors were Replaced, manufactured and refitted on this Home in North West London area rite by Hammersmith and fulham junction. The house in the picture above went for a full home replacement due to water damage to the old frames, we suggested REHAU as the best double glazing company to go for in upvc and the customer very quickly saw the quality difference to the old doors and windows.



Upvc Bay Windows 5 Panel

Upvc Bay window 5 panel

Upvc Casement Windows x 2

Upvc porch

Upvc front door


Upvc Top Hung Side Hung x 2

Upvc top hung bottom swing x 1

Upvc Casement window x 1

Upvc Back Door

Upvc french doors



Feature Specification
Profile depth 70 mm
Maximum window size 1200 x 1200 mm (top hung)

900 x 1500 mm (side hung)

Thermal performance 0.8 W/m2K
Max. sash weight 40kg
Glass width Up to 44mm
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Tritec 60mm

Feature Specification
Profile depth 60mm
Maximum window size 1200 x 1200 mm (top hung)

900 x 1500 mm (side hung)

Thermal performance 1.1 Wm2K
Max. sash weight 40kg
Glass width 4-32 mm

Best double glazing suppliers near Golders green Barnet North London

Who is the best double glazing company in barnet near golders green? we could say '' we are the best double glazing company in north london Golders green'' but we will leave that to the customers and public to decide. For upvc windows and upvc doors suppliers you can count on Doorwins to look after and attend to your needs. We manufacture and supply windows and doors near golders green and in barnet of north London 7 days a week and being a main manufacturer , we can always amend and tweak our suppliers to deliver to the customers liking.


Aluminium Doors & Windows Near Barnet ?

Yes, we also do aluminium doors supply and aluminium windows manufacture for the north london barnet and golders green area. The vast size of our range gives the customer all the options for either replacement or brand new build aluminum double glazing units.

Where is Golders Green?

Golders  family named Godyere who lived in the area, and Green represents the manorial that resides at a cross roads next to which the settlement was built. Golders Green has been a place in the parish and manor of Hendon since around the 13th century. Golders Green is an area in the London Borough of Barnet in London. Although having some earlier history, it is essentially a 19th century suburban development situated about 5.3 miles (8.5 km) north west of Charing Cross and centred on the crossroads of Golders Green Road and Finchley Road.

For upvc windows and doors here are the driving directions from golders green to doorwins

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