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Just like aluminium doors, windows have been becoming more and more popular with the masses. It's unsurprising considering they have the capability to be strong, beautiful and sleek if they're produced and fitted the right way. There's also many possibilities available when it comes to types of frames, and even the position of how the window opens. You can customise them to fit the look you're going for, and decide exactly what kind of finish your house deserves without it being any additional effort for the production and fitting company and still ensure that you get a brilliant finish at the end.

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With all the choices available, it's worthwhile taking your time when it comes to deciding what you want adorning your home, and what appearance you want the frames to have. They'll last a while, so  it's very important to be happy with your choice before you get them fitted, as they won't need to be replaced again in a hurry. You don't want something that you hate in the next few years. Talk it through with a specialist and ask for examples, they'll be able to help you come to the right decision.

Windows are the finishing touches for houses, and are one of the main features that are seen from the outside so it's important to make sure it's something that complements the appearance that you're going for, and that it's something you're happy with. With how long the windows are designed to last, you'll definitely want to ensure you're pleased with them and want them around for a while.

Why Aluminium Windows?

Aluminium is not just a 'fad', it's around to stay, and choosing your home peripherals around the material can be a definite financial-safe choice. The aluminium frames help prevent rust, mould and corrosion, allowing the windows to stay fresh and gorgeous from the moment they're placed in. It also means less money spent on repairing, maintaining and treating them compared to their competitors that are often damaged by water over a span of years, or other elements.

They're designed to upgrade the security of your home – and this can be added to depending on the type of glaze that you choose upon purchase – and help keep out the elements. The frames don't weaken over time thanks to rust, and they don't bend under normal pressure, giving them that bit of added toughness. They're wind, air and water sturdy meaning that they offer more protection from these entering the home, or even damaging the frames.

Many of the protective properties of these windows come in forms of the lock types used, as well as other mechanisms such as riser blocks – which help keep the window tight to the frame – and sash jammers which are designed to stop the window from being jimmied open, or prised open, with ease.

Many types are also designed to keep heat in, and the cold out, helping them become efficient in the long run when it comes to saving money on your energy bills. Looking for one with a low U rating will help, and looking for something with an Energy Rating within the A or B range will give you optimum thermal protection. They'll also protect against outside elements getting in, as well as helping you keep your home warm and won't break down as easily through doing so.

When it comes to choosing your frames, you're not just limited to the type of frame that you can pick. You can choose the colours too. There is a wide range to pick from, and thanks to the way that the frames are produced it's very easy to request one outside colour and one for the inside, without it being any extra hassle. This is much more choice than you'd get with standard fitted windows and allows for your windows to match the home colour scheme.


Like with standard windows fitted onto houses currently, aluminium windows come with many different types of choices. You're not limited to plain, dull windows that have no personality or character. You can very easily inject a little bit of yourself into the window depending on the type that you pick. You can choose the colours both inside and outside, and everything down to how many panels the window has, the thickness of the frame that you want, and with some types of windows even the shape of them.

Sliding windows are very popular for people who don't have a lot of space, or don't want the risk of a frame opening up into their home, or outside, and causing risks to other people. Rather than the window pivoting open, they slide smoothly into the frame and sit there comfortably. They're just as secure as every other type of window. They allow for extra light in a place that a normal window may find impossible to operate properly. Aluminium sliding systems are a perfect way to get the sleek look, without infringing on your space or safety.

If you're looking for something that gives your home a grander, older look then sash windows are another very popular option purely for their wonderful look. They offer an elegance to a building and have their roots in the Georgian/Victoria era. They're a very famous option for restoration projects, or for people that are trying to age their homes and give them more of a personality.

Tilt and turn is another good choice for places that are  window heavy, such as office and flat blocks. They save space, and still have all the benefits of other types of aluminium . They retain heat, and keep out the elements as well as still looking classy and making rooms bright thanks to the minimal frame needed.

There are many options available to choose depending on the look you're going for, as well as other customisation options available on top of this. Aluminium is a worthwhile investment when it comes to ensuring that your home will be left looking wonderful for a long time to come.

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