Aluminium Bi-folding Door

Aluminium Bi-folding Door

Typically, folding doors open by folding back in sections referred to as panels. Despite the fact that they typically have more than two panels, folding doors are frequently referred to as bifold doors. This type of door is also referred to as a concertina door, which is derived from the name of a musical instrument.

There are a variety of materials that can be used to make folding doors that can be used as room dividers, whether they are used internally or externally. It is common for folding doors to be glazed, with frames constructed of wood, aluminum, or uPVC. Double glazing can significantly improve energy efficiency in your home. In modern extensions, they can be opened up and folded from the inside as well as from the outside.

Bifold doors are composed of two hinged panels that can be collapsed when opened. The internal bifold doors are ideal for use in small spaces since they eliminate the necessity of maintaining an entranceway directly behind an entranceway. Furthermore, they can be installed in areas that need to remain open most of the time for ease of access. There are also bi-fold doors that can be used to divide two rooms that are often used as one larger space but are in fact two separate rooms. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, Doorwins are also available in a variety of finishes, making them suitable for a variety of styles as well as complimenting a variety of looks. For example, paintable bifold doors are useful in cupboards as they allow you to match other furniture, while ready-treated doors reduce the amount of time spent decorating.

In addition to offering a wide range of bi-folding doors, Doorwins offers a wide range of three types of bi-folding doors, all of which will increase the sense of warmth and security in your home, as well as provide you with natural light.

The aluminium bifold door is the perfect solution for replacing and refurbishing existing doors, adding new extensions, and building new homes. Designed to facilitate contemporary open living, these units can transform any space while providing spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Doorwins are two of the leading suppliers of architectural modern aluminium systems in the UK. Their range of aluminium folding doors can be viewed below.  Doorwins bi-folding door ranges have had commercial and domestic applications for many years in the UK and Europe.

We offer a stainless steel roller system at the bottom of the doors, and the panel tops are also guided by rollers for smooth operation and ease of operation. Aluminium doors are well known for their ease of operation and reliability in service. The doors do not require heavy-weight lintels since they roll from the bottom rather than being hung from the top.

Doors can be designed up to 1.2 metres wide and 3.0 metres high, allowing for wide glass apertures while using minimal aluminium profiles.

The shoot bolt lock is standard on all aluminium bifold doors. The hook bolt lock is optional on traffic doors if available for extra security. Intruders cannot gain access to the door gearing, hinges, and fixings by tampering with the locking system, hinges, and running gear when the door is closed.

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