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What Are UPVC Windows ?

Exploring The Upgrade

When framing windows you are going to have a few options to explore today. There used to be just one or two solutions that you could have, but with modern techniques, you can actually work with a bit of variety overall. The most common solutions that you’ll find include traditional wood or metal framing, which is a standard in construction, or new upvc windows.
What exactly are upvc windows? This is something that you may need to understand on a closer level before you upgrade. There are advantages to having these installed, especially if you live in an area that has a lot of extreme seasonal changes. Done correctly, this upgrade could very well save you money over the seasons and could change the way that you see window framing forever. Upvc Double glazing is the way forward for selling homes, decor and renting.

The Problem With Window Framing

Before getting into what upvc manufacturing does for window framing, you need to know what traditional options use. The traditional options use metal and wood framing. These are inexpensive, standard, and can work with single pane or double pane windows. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this option, and many homeowners get by with this option in place.

The problem becomes a matter of time. Over time, these elements start to corrode, rust, and break down. When the seasons change, they can also warp, causing windows to start to become difficult to open, close, and keep in place. They can even cause cracks and shatters in the window. Furthermore, with seasonal weather extremes, the framing could need replacing sooner than later. At that point, you’re going to be asked if you want to upgrade to upvc windows, and of course, you’ll want to agree. But what are these? Why are they so popular? The answers may surprise you.

UPVC Windows Explained

You may already know about piping, and different uses for the elements in construction. These are plastic elements that are strong, lightweight, and used in plumbing, and several other facets of construction and design. They are flexible, do not corrode fast, and can be treated for a number of purposes. There is a slight upgrade to the materials, however, and it’s known as unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, or upvc. This is a solution that is rigid, strong, doesn’t bend, and is starting to find a home in the United States.

The rigid windows you can get on your home is about framing. You will still have glass that is treated, and strong, but the framing is going to be a bit different in terms of the raw materials used. Instead of using wood and metal to frame the windows for your home, you’ll have upvc framing, which has a lot of advantages. The advantages don’t just range in terms of longevity either, they can save you money over time. The money saved will be due to insulation for winter and distribution of heat during the summer, so that you never really feel the extremes of the weather outside.

Advantages of UPVC Windows

Exploring upvc advantages start with the fact that they do not contain phthalates, they do not contain BPA, and they are rigid, don’t flex easily, and are fire resistant. They are treated to withstand great force, they can be recycled, and they are perfect for framing modern windows. While they are similar to the PVC piping you may see in sewage and plumbing, this format is unplasticized, giving it unparalleled strength for a variety of construction purposes. Not only that, the cost is only a fraction higher than you’d expect from traditional pvc piping and structure, making it a great upgrade for those that want better overall window framing.

What Does UPVC mean for Greater London ?

Upvc windows and doors have always been a popular choice for inner and outer parts of London, from all towns with the M25 motorway and beyond. Back 15 years ago, upvc was the known as the ''poor Londoners window'' until recently greater London areas had a breakthrough on Vynil and started to produce, coloured and multicoloured pvcu frames which started to take over areas of Greater London. It first took out timber frames and now gives Aluminium a run for its money (literally), it's about 3 times cheaper than Aluminum and up to 5 times cheaper than Timber. 15 years ago, upvc was very bulky and heavy making it a ''non-runner'' but now? now its taking over London areas fast.


Areas covered in Greater London:

Barking and Dagenham, Barnet, Bexley, Brent ,Bromley, Camden, Croydon ,Ealing, Enfield, Greenwich , Hackney, Hammersmith and Fulham , Haringey, Harrow, Havering, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Kingston upon Thames, Lambeth, Lewisham ,Merton , Newham , Redbridge, Richmond upon Thames, Southwark, Sutton, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Wandsworth, Westminster, City of London, Soho, Covent gardens, Stratford, Shoreditch, Kings Cross, brent, greenford

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For more clarifications, you can contact us. Our expert team is ready to help you with any doubts.

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