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Aluminium Doors UK

So why aluminium rather than pvc doors ? Aluminium doors are making waves, thanks to all the different options that are available; there’s so many ways to customize an aluminium door that it can be done exactly to your specifications. There’s a whole host of colors to choose from, with smooth and sleek finishes to complement your home. Once you have an idea of what kind of door you want, it’s just a case of getting in contact and talking through your order with someone who will go on to product the frame you want, and ensure it’s correctly fitted.

With all the choices available to you, though, picking out the perfect door can be difficult. Deciding what you want, and how you want it to be produced is a decision that you should make carefully. After all, aluminum doors have a long life and are designed to be sturdy and dependable, without needing to be treated and replaced every few years. They’re designed to last and get you the most for your money.

Why Aluminium Doors?

While most people might assume that aluminum doors are just fancy, glass paned sliders (and they’re not wrong, they exist too!!), they can also make for wonderfully aesthetically pleasing front doors that give houses a neat, sleek looking edge compared to others that are available.

Not only do they look incredibly attractive, if produced and fitted correctly, but they also come with many benefits that make them worthwhile for most home-owners, as well as making them a better choice for the environment and energy bills.

Thermally broken doors are doors that help to retain heat in the home, meaning that not only are you wasting less energy to try and heat the home rather than losing it to the outside air, but you’re also being more efficient. Most aluminum doors have a low U rating, meaning they’re more environmentally friendly when it comes to energy.

Not only do they keep in heat, however, but they also tend to be proofed against wind and water too, and work to keep out the cold from the home. Some types can also help to buffer out noise, too, and reduce the amount you can hear in your home from the street. They’re adaptable, and their insulation provides them with a bigger advantage than most doors that have gaps where cold gets in and heat escapes.

They’re strong and secure, too. They provide higher security than standard fitted front doors, and reduce the chances of being successfully broken into. They don’t bend, or rust away and weaken. They are also non-flammable and completely recyclable if you decide to change your door in the future. They have a much longer life expectancy, meaning you get more value and quality for your money when you choose to go for an aluminum door.

You have a wide range of choice when it comes to designing your doors too. Most are able to be dual-colored. The outside can be one color, while the inside frame is matched to the interior of your home. While there are only certain color types that can be used, this still offers over 200 different types of color choices for customers to pick between.


With aluminum doors and the technology to make the frames, the customization is incredibly specific. A front door, for most people, is mainly solid with a few panels of glass. This is possible with aluminum too. You can opt for a single panel of glass for that sleek windowed, standard look or you can go for something a little more fun or pleasing.

Within the panels, there is a good choice of glass that you can choose, including double glazed for that extra heat retain, or, to give your door the finish that you want. Choose from plain glass to patterned - squares, diamonds or frosted glass for example, and this will be fitted into the frame once it’s produced.


As well as the appearance of your door and frame, you can also choose things such as your handles. There are two main types of handles that are ‘standard’ in the door industry. Levers, or lever pads are commonly used, and you can pick which you think works better for you and the look you’re going for in your door. You can usually pick between different coloring and finishes too to give it the optimum look.

Letterboxes are another customizable piece of hardware available to request on ordering - you can opt in or out, depending on if you want one. If you do, you can also pick the coloring of the letterbox, and positioning on the door. It’s completely in your hands from the color, width and height, and the accessories that come with it. It’s all available for customizing and designing to your specification.

Aluminium doors uk

As well as entrance and exit doors, there are others available for purchase such as patio doors, sliding doors, and room dividers all of which are just as customizable and can be produced to match the quality you’re looking for. With these other door types, you’ll get the aluminum frame, and then have them glazed to give you a transparent, sleek looking door to maximize views - especially for patio doors. The benefit here of aluminum doors is that you get a thinner frame, and more expanse of glass compared to other frames that need to be thicker to support the weight of the glass.

Aluminum doesn’t have that problem. Its natural strength means it doesn’t need to be inches thick to give you the same security, and you have a much nicer looking doorway in the home. It gives a very clean appearance, and looks much tidier than thick, plastic frames.

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Whatever it is that you’re needing, you can definitely find the right door for you and working with a good company, such as Doorwins , will help to ensure satisfaction all the way through. From picking your door out, deciding the colors, and then having it fitted in your home. commercial aluminium doors by doorwins made to guarantee

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For more clarifications, you can contact us. Our expert team is ready to help you with any doubts.

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